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The F Company group business solutions energize and empower customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration.
As the world grows smaller and more complicated, technology plays an important role and enables individuals to drive their vision while also helping organisations to manage their end-to-end business processes.
From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), and from supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting, The F Company Group has a business solution that's just right for you.
Mindteck Bulgaria, the IT branch of The F Company Group, can offer solutions combining Microsoft® Dynamics with Office, Skype, and Yammer, connecting instantly with your teams.
With Microsoft® Dynamics, you can add collaboration and productivity to any device, anywhere.


Welcome to the Bulgaria Business Solutions Portal of the F Company Ltd group

Through its Participations the F company Group explores and defines viable alternatives to the closure of non-core business units and manufacturing facilities. That includes:

settlement of a social agreement about the revamping plan
feasibility study
taylor-made project
management of real estate operations
master plan (including the "A norma" settlement according to the current rules; warehouses and offices analysis)
infrastructure (logistic, road map) and premises design
facilities maintenance and redevelopment
potential appraisal of new premises
development according to the area's lay-out redevelopment plan and the Regulatory Plan
corporate location services
settlement of a service package in order to ensure a competitive positioning compared to alternative locations
maintenance suppliers identification and management
re employment of redundant employees through the Inward Investors
search of financial instruments to support projects and development plans of incoming companies

Your organization has embraced project management, but how do you know if it’s making a difference? With our organizational project management offerings — including our Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) certification and professional consultant services — you can tie your projects to your business strategy and make sure they support your organizational goals.


All our projects are unique. For each project we work from scratch with our clients and partners to understand their needs. We then develop smart strategies and support their implementation applying a mix of own specialist services. Work with us and you will add that extra level of depth into what you are trying to achieve.


We monitor the development of European politics and policies (when possible before the legislative process has begun) and identify opportunities and/or threats for specific sectors.
We work with you to define an advocacy plan with clear objectives and deliverables.
We identify your key stakeholders and assist you to build relationships and create opportunities for influence.
We advise you on what we believe is the on the right approach to engage with your stakeholders and assist in the development of tools and channels to reach them.


We help you to articulate your message, finding the right tone and helping you to define your key messages.
We understand the media and will advise you honestly about when and how to work with journalists.
We understand the nature of today's fast changing communications landscape and know when and how to make the best out of social media platform.
We like to think creatively and always like to think about fresh ways to visually present projects.


We constantly monitor EU financing opportunities and advise our clients to create projects and partnerships.
We provide assistance and support throughout the various phases of project proposal preparation, including: generating innovative and eligible ideas, building trans-national partnerships, drawing-up budgets, drafting and submitting proposals, negotiating and signing contracts, and eventually (if required) managing the final contracts.
We self-initiate and have worked on numerous successful EU funded projects both as project leaders and as partners.


We develop and implement information and training sessions on the functioning of the EU, especially with regard to its institutions, policy making process, and European funding programs.
We look at best practices in order to identify and share approaches and innovative solutions.
We organize international brain-storming sessions to share visions and approaches and to develop new ideas, services, and products


Francesco Fordiani :: Франческо Фордиани

Senior Project Manager in hardware design and software architecture with a 40 years experience in this area, Physicist and Mathematician with master's degrees in cybernetics and MOS at the MIT in the development of mathematical models for the management of large-scale complex systems (LSS).

Since the beginning of his professional career he found that many projects were not well documented, without a good custom-designed training, to help users to have a perfect understanding of systems and their interactions, in order to obtain optimal operating conditions. So he placed a strong focus on the production of electronic documentation (ELS) using methodologies constantly referring to the NATO military standards AQAP or civilian international ISO 9000, becaming an international consultant for the Quality Systems, Certified IRCA Auditor and Microsoft Certified Professional.

He is also graduate at the University of Malta (Foundation for the International Studies) in International Tax Planning and Offshore Banking with a deep acknowledgement of the intergovernamental rules (e.g. Double Taxation Treaties) governing the international transportation of the intangibles. In the role of company former and investor he founded companies that still to-day are point of reference in the context of the most advanced and border technologies. A similar experience has made him receive prestigious awards for his work, even as a consultant to leading companies and government agencies, using advanced strategies to interface standard, multi-dimensional and/or inhomogeneous environments.

More info about Mr. Francesco Fordiani can be found at his official web site.


Matteo Fordiani Francesco Fordiani Elena Krasteva
CFOO :: Chief Financial and Operation Officer CEO :: Project Manager and Enterprise Architect PR & HQ Manager
Bul. DImitar Petkov, 111 - Floor 2 - Apt. 4 :: 1309 Sofia Bulgaria :: Tel. +359 (2) 444 19 16 (P A B X) 
Mobile: +359 (882) 525573 Mobile: +359 (889) 225587 Mobile: +359 (882) 698638
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